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User friendly programming platform
Logo is an educational programming language designed to assist all those who want to learn computer science in a fun and modern way. Using simple instructions you will get outstanding programs quickly and easily.

Your turtle needs programs written in Logo language to move or draw, at least for the beginning...

"Imagine yourself moving in the outline of a box or a circle or a spiral or whatever it may be." (Seymour Papert, M.I.T.)
• Web based Logo interpreter with turtle animated motion
• Easy to save and distribute personal logo programs and procedures
• Developed using modern web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery
• New graphic commands like circle, rect, quadcurve or cubiccurve
• Background image support (setbgimg logo command)
• Shadow effect for shapes (shadow logo command)
• Animation creation (wait logo command)
and more ...
Logo Reference & Examples
• Moving the turtle using basic logo commands
• Changing the drawing colors
• Printing data using specific logo commands
• Setting an image or a color as background
• Drawing and filling different types of shapes
• Adding shadow effect for filled shapes
• Creating a simple animation with Logo
and more ...
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